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One Bite Snowy Mooncake Coupon
Product Description :
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One Bite Snowy Mooncake (12 flavours, 1pc each)
12 flavours: Egg Yolk Green Bean Paste, Cookies & Cream, Sesame, Egg Custard, Pineapple, Pistachios, Kyoto Matcha and Red Bean, Purple Potato, Mango, Belgium Chocolate, Chocolate Mocha, Belgium Chocolate Hazelnut

*Purchase of cake or festive coupon up to HK$2,000 or above, customers are required to collect the coupons in person with the credit card which the transaction is made and carry out the verification process, including swipe the credit card and signature by the credit card holder.
Retail Price: $255.0/pc
Online Special Price: $148.0/pc

VIP Price: $138.0/pc
VIP Price: $138.0/pc
Privilege Price: $123.0/pc